Invest in Youth Coalition

Our Wins

A New Motion in 2017!  Councilmembers from 14 and 7 to Create a Youth Taskforce!

 In  June 2017, Council District 14 and 7 introduced a motion that:

-          Creates a Citywide Taskforce on Youth Development

-          The Taskforce would consist of the Mayor’s Office, city departments/analysts, representatives of youth organizations, and young people willing to advocate, discuss, and represent the concerns and opinions of the city's highest-need youth.

-          The Taskforce looks to bring together diverse partners and create a process for community engagement, develop a vision statement for youth development, recruit young people to serve and advise, and coordinate with the Chief Legislative Analyst and City Administrative Officer on a report back with a comprehensive assessment of all the funding and programmatic ways the city supports youth

-          Lastly, the Taskforce would reporting on steps necessary to establish a department, commission, or office, including funding options for implementing a Youth Development Strategy

o   This motion was championed by CD 2, 5, 7, 14, and 15


We got a motion in 2016!  Council Distict-14 to study youth investment in LA:

-          In 2016, the Los Angeles City Council approved a motion to study all the youth development spending across the city. Councilmembers assigned this task to the Chief Legislative Analyst and City Administrative Officer, and our coalition has engaged with them to talk thorough the methodology for the investment figure.