Invest in Youth Coalition

First Steps

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Take Immediate Action by:

Establishing an independent Taskforce that could provide lead thinking and relationship building that could eventually turn into a department. A motion for this task force is currently making its way through City Hall.

Appointing community leaders, resident advocates, and youth to the Task Force. Theythemselves and would serve as the focal point within the City to review policies and coordinate funding for youth programs.



Step Two: Create a Blueprint for Youth Development in LA that includes:

Formalizing an Equitable Strategy for Youth Development: An important component of the strategy should be documenting a path forward, including a description of the Youth Development Department, an outline of the organizational structure that will guide its work, and a method for evaluating City programs.

Consolidating Programs: A review of the City’s FY 2017-18 budget found several trackable youth programs, with funding totaling to $60.3 million. Consolidation would provide baseline funding, allow for better communication, qualify for more state and federal funding, and enhance services.

Supports Interagency Coordination: A Youth Development Department would ensure that the City as a whole is working towards a larger strategy.

Coordinates with Local Government Partners: Despite their independent nature, the City, County, and LAUSD each have a critical role in building healthy communities. By working together, they could produce better outcomes than any single jurisdiction

Creates a Plan for Funding: It would cost $41.8 million to increase their opportunities for mentorship, leadership and employment to 100% of youth. By combining this total with current investments ($60.3 million), the City’s cost to support current operations and disconnected youth would be $102.1 million, though it is important to note that other youth-related priorities will also need increased levels of funding.

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